Urban domestic sewage treatment

Biological contact oxidation method
The biological contact oxidation method is used to treat wastewater, that is, the biological contact oxidation process is used to fill the biological reaction tank with fillers. The oxygenated sewage immerses all the fillers and flows through the fillers at a certain flow rate. The filler is covered with biofilm, and the sewage is in extensive contact with the biofilm. Under the action of the metabolism of microorganisms on the biofilm, organic pollutants in the sewage are removed and the sewage is purified. Finally, the treated wastewater is discharged into the biological contact oxidation treatment system, mixed with domestic sewage for treatment, and discharged after chlorine disinfection to meet standards. The biological contact oxidation method is a biofilm method between the activated sludge method and the biological filter. Its characteristic is that fillers are installed in the tank, and the bottom of the tank is aerated to oxygenate the sewage and keep the sewage in the tank flowing. state to ensure that the sewage is fully in contact with the filler immersed in the sewage and to avoid the defect of uneven contact between the sewage and the filler in the biological contact oxidation tank. This aeration device is called blast aeration.