Product name : Anionic Polyacrylamide

Model: 1825

CAS No: 9003-05-8

Packing: In 25 kg woven bag or paper-plastic composite bag

Appearance: White granules powder

Dissolution time (1 g\L) :≤90 minutes

Shelf life: 24 months



This product is the water-soluble high polymer or gathers the electrolyte. When it dissolves, it forms a high polymer, a linear organic polymer. When PAM is added into the wastewater, the linear polymer will act as a bonding bridge between the two particles , making the particles gradually grow larger, and finally forming large particles of floc, accelerating the settlement. Therefore, it may accelerate in the suspending liquid the granule subsidence, has obviously speeds up the solution to clarify, effects and so on promotion filtration.


  1. when use, matches 0.1~0.3% density the peroxide solution, uses the neutrality not to contain salts sundry goods.
  2. When dissolution, scatters into the agitation evenly this serial products in the water, stirs the fast control in 100~300 rpm. Suitable warming (<40℃)may accelerate to dissolve.
  3. adjustment is processed the fluid the PH value, causes this serial products full display function (through the experimental choice best PH value and this serial products amount used).
  4. when joins this serial products solution, should accelerate with to process the fluid the mix, after appearing flocculates, reduces speed stirs fast, in order to help flocculates grows and accelerates.