Product name : Cationic Polyacrylamide

Model: 1825

CAS No: 9003-05-8

Packing: In 25 kg woven bag or paper-plastic composite bag

Appearance: White granules powder

Dissolution time (1 g\L) :≤90 minutes

Shelf life: 24 months


The polyacrylamide (i.e. PAM) is the water-soluble high polymer, its use is widespread, is known as " hundred industry assistants '', may serve as three extraction oil displacement agents, the water treatment medicinal preparation, the urban sewage flocculation and the sludge dehydrator, the new dressing collector as well as serves as the water and soil humectant and so on. Include “the high tech industrial production key field guide which by the State Planning Commission and the technical department current gives priority to development”.


The polyacrylamide uses in the white paperboard, the chrome paper, the carton, the manifold paper and so on take the wood-pulp, the straw pulp and the waste paper pulp as raw material technique of production. Mainly serves as the papermaking process paper intensifier, the tiny textile fiber and the padding retention aid and the filter aid. Dispersing agent, flocculant.