Product name: Polyamine

CAS NO.: 42751-79-1

Appearance: Light yellow viscous liquid



  1. Sewage and drinking water treatment: the main role is organic coagulant, it is different from flocculant, its molecular weight is low, positive charge density is very high polymer, easy to dissolve in water, good stability, strong cohesion, not gel, safe and non-toxic.It can partially or completely replace aluminum/iron salt type polar coagulant, which can not only improve the coagulation effect, but also greatly reduce the amount of aluminum/iron salt, reduce the amount of sludge, save the difficulty of follow-up treatment and comprehensive treatment cost. It can be used for decolorization of high chroma wastewater in dye plant, and can be applied to the treatment of active, acidic and dispersed fuel wastewater. It can also be used for textile, pigment, ink, paper black liquor, oil drilling and other industrial wastewater treatment. At the same time, the decolorization rate of wastewater is greater than 95%, and the COD removal rate is 50% -- 70%.
  2. Paper-making industrial
  3. Textile industrial
  4. Oil exploitation